How much do Japanese people love playing Riichi mahjong

If someone asks you, why do Japanese people like to play riichi mahjong? can you answer that? If you often watch Japanese dramas, you will find that mahjong is still quite common in Japanese life.

There are many teahouses in China where guests can play mahjong, and there are also specialized mahjong parlors. Japan is no exception, it has dedicated public places for playing mahjong called “jansō” or “mahjong parlors.”

Mahjong parlors strictly prohibit open gambling. The owners only provide the venue and mahjong tables for rent, or they earn money through additional services such as selling beverages. They also have regulations in place that prohibit minors from entering, and the operating hours cannot exceed midnight .

Even the automatic mahjong tables that are essential to us mahjong enthusiasts were invented by the Japanese. Now you can see how much they love playing mahjong, right? Only with passion can we find motivation, and of course, there’s also a touch of laziness.

Japanese mahjong rules are relatively standardized but have a stronger competitive nature. As a result, Japan has a considerable number of professional mahjong organizations, as well as professional mahjong tournaments such as the “Nihon Mahjong League,” providing opportunities for mahjong enthusiasts to compete and improve their skills.

There is a professional mahjong league in Japan, established in 1981. Their ultimate goal is to make mahjong a professional sport, just like Go. At the same time, the Japanese are actively working to promote the international status of mahjong, which is truly inspiring. The majority of Japanese people start learning mahjong systematically during their junior high school years. Many people believe that learning mahjong marks the beginning of adulthood. Now you have some understanding of how much Japanese people love mahjong, right? Are you eager to come and play a game to experience the joy of riichi mahjong ?


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