How to calculate Riichi Mahjong score

The calculation of Riichi mahjong scores is very complicated, but it is not without methods. In this article I will introduce how to calculate Japanese mahjong. You can follow the steps below to see if you can calculate the score of Japanese mahjong. Let’s learn together!

  1. Counting han:

Han means the total number of all the kinds of yaku, and each dora increases the han value of a hand. But dora are not yaku.

Example :

In this hand, the han is 4, which represents yakuhai-dragon,yakuhai-round wind,dora and red dora.

If it is five hanor more, it is mangan or more and the calculation of basic points is omitted.

  1. Counting fu:

Fu is calculated based on the composition of a Mahjong hand.

In this hand:

Then let’s start from the right side of the table and calculate one by one from right to left.

First we have basic points 20 fu.

In the first column”Tenpai”, we had kong and winning by discard, so it does not account as Fully Concealed Hand Self-Drawn Win. And we wait 1m and 4m, not inner tile edge tile or single wait.

In the second column”Pair”, the pair we have is double 5p, not honor tiles.

In the third column”Melds”, we have one exposed triplet (east wind) which is also terminal and honor tiles equals 8 fu. Next, we have two Kongs, equal to 32 fu.

Total=60 fu

  1. Calculating the basic points based on the han and fu:

The basic points of a hand is calculated as follows:

Basic points= fu × 2^(han + 2)

  • When a non-dealer goes out by self-draw:
    • The dealer pays the winner 2 × basic points
    • The other two non-dealers each pay the winner 1 × basic points
  • When a non-dealer goes out by discard:
    • The discarding player pays the winner 4 × basic points
  • When the dealer goes out by self-drawn:
    • All three non-dealers each pay the winner 2 × basic points
  • When the dealer goes out by discard:
    • The discarding non-dealer pays the winner 6 × basic points

If you don’t remember how to calculate, you can actually refer to the following quick calculation table.

This is how to calculate Japanese Mahjong scores. Come and try it yourself.


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