How to play Chinese mahjong

Chinese Mahjong is a popular Mahjong game. There are different ways to play the game in many areas of China. Here I will introduce the general rules of the Chinese Mahjong game.

  1. We need four players to start the game. The four players sit in the four directions of the mahjong table.
  1. Generally speaking, Chinese Mahjong consists of 136 Mahjong tiles. The tiles are divided into 3 types: Bams, Dots, and Cracks. Each type has 1-9 tiles, and each tile has 4 identical tiles.
  1. Determine the dealer: Before the start, determine the dealer by throwing dice. The next house clockwise from the dealer is the starting point of the first game.
  2. Discard: When discard tiles, each player first takes 13 tiles, and then the dealer takes 1 more tile, for a total of 14 tiles, and the remaining tiles are used as a tile wall.
  3. How to play: Players sequentially perform operations such as drawing tiles, discarding tiles, chow, pong, Kong and Hu until one of the players wins the game. When drawing a tile, a player can draw a tiles from the tile wall . When playing cards, players need to choose a tile from their hand and put it on the table. Other players can choose to Chow, Pong or Kong. The winning hand is that the tiles in your hand compose a specified winning hand pattern.
  4. Score calculation: After each round, calculate the corresponding number according to the different types of winning hand pattern. Finally, the winning or losing determined based on the score.


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