How to play Hong Kong mahjong

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that requires four players. Although the gameplay of all Mahjong versions is generally similar, there will be some differences in each region. If you want to win high scores in Mahjong, you need to understand the rules of Mahjong first. Below we will introduce the rules of a very popular Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong.

Basic Hong kong Mahjong has 136 tiles, including 36 different pieces each type 4 tiles. And there are three suits, from one to nine. Bamboo, Crack, Dot. There are four wind tiles East, South, West, and North each type 4 tiles. There are also three honors: red dragon, green dragon, and white dragon . Finally there are the flower and season tiles, each type labeled 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hong kong mahjong basic scoring:

Scores for basic sets
Pung of Dragons1
Kong of Dragons1
Pung of player’s Own Wind1Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of player’s Own Wind1Kong of player’s Own Wind
Pung of the Wind of the Round1Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of the Wind of the Round1Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Scores for Flowers and Seasons
Flower of own Wind1
Season of own Wind1
All Flowers2
All Seasons2
No Flowers or Seasons1
Scores for patterns based on Pungs and Kongs ( = triplets)
Little Three Dragons4(Two Dragon Pungs/Kongs and a pair of the other Dragon)
Scores for patterns based on the whole hand
Chow hand1
Pung hand3
One suit and Honors3
Seven Pairs4
One suit only6
Scores for winning
Self-drawn last tile1
Out on the last tile of the Wall1
Out on the last discard1
Out by robbing a Kong1
Out on Replacement Tile1
Hong Kong’s scoring system is quite flexible, with a number of well-loved variations. Just get yourself into the game and have fun.


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