How to play Mahjong for beginners


As we all know, mahjong has:

1 Man-9 Man, 1 Pin-9 Pin, 1 Sow-9 Sow.

Add winds, dragons, each includes four tiles.

TOTAL: 136 tiles.

During the game, you can chow pong or kong

What is chow: If you have two consecutive tiles and one is missing, if the last player just plays this one, you can chow.

What is pong: If you have the same two tiles, when any one discards this, they can declare pong.

What is kong: If you have the same three tiles, when any one discards this, they can call kong.


You will sit like this and play tiles in the order.

When drawing tiles, each player takes turns drawing 3 times, drawing 4 cards each time, and the dealer draws one more card.Starting with thirteen tiles, you need to discard one tile first.


You can win when your hand pattern is like this


111 means: Any three identical cards.

123 means: Any straight.

11 means: Any two identical tiles.


You can try it yourself.


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