Four tips to help you become a technical player

Playing mahjong and never being able to find the card type that satisfies you is always very frustrating, and it will even affect your mentality as time goes by.

When playing mahjong, what people yearn for most is always win. You must know that mahjong will never become a game purely based on luck, and skills also play an important role. So what kind of mahjong knowledge can improve skills?

  1. The importance of thinking

In the later stage of the game, there are only two situations, drawing cards and not listening cards.

In the later stage, everyone discards tiles cautiously, just to prevent themselves from discarding tiles and others winning; when you listen to the cards, you can think based on the tiles you have, affecting other people’s judgment, so as to win better.

  1. Stable mentality

Stability When playing mahjong, the so-called stability actually means that the mentality of players and friends must be stable, because only when the mentality is stable, then we can be more calm when playing cards. After all, impulsiveness will lead to failure. . Therefore, no matter whether the cards in our hand are good or bad, we must be stable. Not only our mentality must be stable, but our facial expressions must also be stable.

  1. Ready hand, win as soon as possible

When playing mahjong, when many players choose cards, according to their own card types, most people will choose to continue to be greedy instead of winning.

You know, when you choose to be greedy, the results become confusing and may change at any time, and may even change your own luck.

  1. Robbing pong

Purposefully ponging tiles that other players need will cause other players to lose the opportunity to adjust their tiles in a timely manner. For example, if someone makes “Full Flush”, you should Robbing pong so that he cannot achieve his goal. Especially from a defensive perspective, this tactic is very desirable!

Mahjong has almost become the most popular pastime, and it has even gone global and is loved by people all over the world.


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