How to play Mahjong solitaire

Mahjong solitaire is a very popular single-player mahjong game. You need to find the same tiles from 144 mahjong tiles and eliminate them. When you eliminate all the tiles, you have completed the game. Whether you have played Mahjong before or not, you can easily win as long as you understand the rules.

In the mahjong solitaire game, the mahjong tiles are face up. You can easily find 2 identical mahjong tiles to eliminate them. First, you have to find a card that is “exposed” in the game area. “Exposed” means that there are no other mahjong tiles on the right, left and above the mahjong tile. Click on the two same mahjong tiles in the “exposed” state to eliminate them.

green marked are “exposed” tiles

You need to continue to eliminate the “exposed” same mahjong tiles until all the mahjong tiles are cleared, and then you can enter the next level. The difficulty may become higher and higher as you go further. The time of each game is usually limited to 10-15 minutes. Complete the level as quickly as possible and you will win a higher score.

Mahjong solitaire is a classic Mahjong game that many people like it. It has a large following of players around the world. If you are interested in traditional Chinese Mahjong games, you can visit There, you will find classic Chinese Mahjong, MCR, SBR, and RIICHI Mahjong variations available to play online for free. I recommend it to all Mahjong enthusiasts.


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