How to play Mahjong with cheat sheet

Let me share the mahjong cheat sheet with you.

Nah , it’s not a cheat sheet, just some ” The sure-fire way to win at mahjong” !🔥

Nope, just some tips about mahjong!🤓

  • If you have 1 4 7 tiles,always discard the 1 tile.
  • If you have 2 5 8 tiles,always discard the 5 tiles.
  • If you have 3 6 9 tiles,always discard the 9 tiles.
  • Discard 8 and 9 of Man against the player on your left, be cautious of 4 and 6 of Man.
  • Discard 7 and 8 of Pin against the player on your left, be cautious of 3 and 6 of Pin.
  • When in the tenpai stage, be cautious when discarding the 5 Man, as it may lead to a potential 1 or 4 Man.
  • If you have the opportunity to kong, try to declare a kong, except in the case of Riichi mahjong.
  • If there have been two rounds without any terminal tiles and other players have them in their hands, be cautious!
  • After the mid-game, if you have few tiles with the numbers 2 and 8, there is likely a pair of them in your hand.

Finally, I wish all players good luck at the Mahjong table and take control of the game.


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