How to play Mahjong with three players

There are many types of mahjong that three people can play, such as Malaysian mahjong and Riichi Mahjong. Different types, different ways of playing.Take Japanese Mahjong as an example, If you want to know how to play malaysia mahjong, you can find what you want in the category of “how to play mahjong”.

Three-player Mahjong is a simplified version of Riichi Mahjong. Three players can start playing together. Compared with four-player Mahjong, the game may be faster and have higher scores.

Different from four-player mahjong, three-player mahjong cannot chow. There are only three sets: east, south and west. There is no such thing as abortive draw when all four players declare Riichi.

When the north wind is seat wind, you can play tiles normally. when the North tile is used as a yakuhai, it becomes a shared yakuhai for all three players.

When you have the North tile in your hand, you have the option to discard it and draw a tile from the wall. You can choose to keep it in your hand or discard it.

When the North Wind tile is not discard, it does not count as a bonus. Each time the North Wind tile is pulled out, it adds one fan. When the West Wind is the bonus indicator tile, whether the North Wind tile is discarded or not, it counts as a bonus.

It sounds exciting. Give it a try and play with your friends!


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