How to play Malaysia mahjong

Malaysian Mahjong is based on traditional Mahjong, but has made many changes in rules and card shapes. Compared with four-player Mahjong, the game rhythm is faster

The tiles used in Malaysian mahjong are not the same as other mahjong. The tiles used are:

Dots: 1 to 9

Honor: with winds and dragons for four set

  • Winds: East South West and North
  • Dragon: Red dragon, Green dragon, White dragon

The four flowers( there is only one tile of each): Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum

Animals: Cat, mouse, chicken bug

Human tiles: woman and man

Jockers four tiles total.

Three people sat together, shuffled the tiles, and arranged the tiles into three rows, each with 14 buildings, for a total of two rows, with 28 cards.

Take two six-sided dice and rolled to determine the dealer. The dealer rolls the dice to determine the next rollers. The number of points rolled by the next dice roller is added to the number of points rolled by the dealer to determine the position of the tiles.

After drawing all the tiles, everyone show the flower tiles in their hands. The dealer starts to replenish the flowers in counterclockwise order. To replenish the flowers, take the supplementary tiles from the end of the tile wall.

Next, each player draws and plays a tile in order, and the player’s next player can choose to chow pong or kong the bumper after playing the tile, and the next player also pong or kong the bumper in addition to not being able to chow the tile, until the final win.

If there is still no winner after the tiles wall is all drawn, the game is aborted. The player who drew the last card will be the dealer for the next game.

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