What is the Mahjong lifestyle

  1. Playing a game of mahjong can not only kill time, but also make you very happy. Don’t believe it? Let’s play a game.
  2. Mahjong is really in full swing. Four people sit together, tease each other and make each other happy.
  3. Sometimes, I feel that mahjong is like a drama, where everyone is performing their role and striving for the final victory.
  4. Have you ever encountered a situation where you just happened to get the card you wanted when you were drawing cards, but when you wanted to take it, you found that one card was missing? That feeling of despair must make you want to go crazy!
  5. The most painful moment is when you hear others playing the cards you need, but you can’t escape three times, and you can only watch in silence as others mishandle your own cards.
  6. When playing mahjong, it has become an unspoken rule to hit the bars, but have you ever wondered why there is no “jump” option? Isn’t a plane more powerful than a bar?
  7. Some people never listen to the tiles when playing mahjong, but they always get other people’s tiles. Is this what is called genius?
  8. If you want to make your poker skills even more outstanding, it is recommended that you try the “three consecutive wrong games” challenge. I believe you will be able to break through yourself.
    9.Some people, in order to appear more dignified, always put on a calm and composed demeanor. However, deep down, they must be crumbling.
  9. In the hot summer, playing mahjong has become an excellent way to cool down, because you will forget the existence of the heat wave because you are laughing so hard that you can’t close your legs.
  10. Some people like to play along while playing mahjong. In fact, doing so will only make everyone more flustered and confused.
  11. During the process of playing mahjong, sometimes you may encounter opponents who exhibit a strange behavior known as “yin-yang strangeness.” They always seem to deal out bad tiles first when distributing the tiles. At this time, we just need to deal with it calmly , in order to win in the end.

In short, playing mahjong is not only a way of entertainment, but also a way to relax. Here, we can make new friends, exchange different experiences with each other, and understand each other more deeply. Let’s play a wonderful mahjong together!


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