Why Mahjong IRL is so hard

Many friends like to participate in offline mahjong tournaments or play mahjong games with family or friends, but why does offline mahjong always feel so hard? There are two important conditions for starting mahjong in real life. The first is having people to play with, and the second is that these people also need to know how to play mahjong. (No wonder they say ‘Friendship is the best equipment in gaming.’🤔)

Take Riichi Mahjong as an example, many people encounter several problems when playing mahjong in real life. These problems can basically be divided into two types according to the different levels of the players. The first one is those who do not know the basic rules well, so they do not know what to do next during the game, resulting in the game being unable to proceed. The second one is those who don’t know how to calculate points.( Fair enough! The scoring method of Riichi Mahjong is very difficult!) In addition to these two problems, there is no way to control player cheating well when playing mahjong IRL. Of course, if you play with friends, players may cheat unconsciously due to someone’s lack of familiar with the rules.

I have summarized some related questions that may be raised about playing mahjong in real life, and see if any of them annoy you.

  • How should I draw tiles? Where do I start drawing tiles from, and how many tiles should I draw in total?
  • When can I “chow,” “pung,” or “kong”? And why can’t I “chow” your tile?
  • What is the prevailing wind, and what is my seat wind?
  • How many points is each point sticks worth?
  • I can’t remember the order of the honor tiles for the indicator tile.
  • I have formed a hand with the “All Simples” pattern, but it shows that I have no yaku. Why?!
  • Why is the score still so low even after declaring a kung?
  • Why can’t I draw tiles from the dead wall?
  • I forget to reveal the ura dora when I ron or tsumo riichi.
  • How do I know how many fan I can get?
  • You can explain Fu to me 100 times but I still can’t calculate it by myself!
  • How should the fu points for the pair be calculated.
  • Does the dealer have to pay more points than the other players?
  • I want to know if the dora indicator indicates two same dora tiles, then how to calculate the fan. Is one fan or two fan (if you only have one dora tile)?

I believe there are more beginner questions out there. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!🤗

For these questions, my best advice would be to practice more or simply play online with friends! But hey, if you wanna know the answers to these questions, you can check out some other articles about Riichi Mahjong rules. They might have just what you’re looking for. Hope it helps! In the end, my wish for you is to have a blast, whether you’re playing online or in real life.


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