Category: Mahjong life

  • Why Mahjong IRL is so hard

    Many friends like to participate in offline mahjong tournaments or play mahjong games with family or friends, but why does offline mahjong always feel so hard? There are two important conditions for starting mahjong in real life. The first is having people to play with, and the second is that these people also need to…

  • How much do Japanese people love playing Riichi mahjong

    If someone asks you, why do Japanese people like to play riichi mahjong? can you answer that? If you often watch Japanese dramas, you will find that mahjong is still quite common in Japanese life. There are many teahouses in China where guests can play mahjong, and there are also specialized mahjong parlors. Japan is…

  • What is the Mahjong lifestyle

    In short, playing mahjong is not only a way of entertainment, but also a way to relax. Here, we can make new friends, exchange different experiences with each other, and understand each other more deeply. Let’s play a wonderful mahjong together!